10 Things You Learned in Kindergarten to Improve Your Board Game Etiquette

Up your board game etiquette with these 10 lessons from kindergarten.
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Ah, kindergarten … a time when little ones begin the long journey towards independence and autonomy. It is a time when we learn some big lessons that will take us through our lives and our board games.

Here’s our top 10:

1. How to follow rules

Unlike your kindergarten teacher, we would never force you to colour inside the lines! Be yourself, be unique, break some rules*! But, board games, like many aspects of life, can be much smoother if you follow the rules. ?

2. Sharing is caring…

… does not always apply, especially when it comes to competitive board games. Sometimes, you just want to hoard those sheep. ?

3. Clean up after yourself

Your mom said it, your teacher said it, and we shouldn’t have to. ?

4. Patience…

… is tough when you’re waiting for someone to finish their turn and it is taking … foreverrrrr….

5. Time management

Sure, you want to play thoughtfully and strategically, but could you hurry up and finish your turn, already? ?

6. Take breaks

Naps Breaks are important, especially for longer games. Always take a beat to get up, stretch, move around, grab a drink, hit the WC, and of course, get more snacks*.

7. Play nice

Kindness costs nothing, even if someone stole your card. ?

8. Social skills

This comes easier to some than others, but hey, many of us could use a little help with social skills on occasion. Just as kids learn through play, board games can be an excellent way to break the ice, shake out the tension, let go and have fun.

9. Emotional regulation

You win some and you lose some, and sometimes playing a game can be frustrating. But no, you should not flip the table when things go sideways. Just chalk it up to experience, use your inside voice, and calmly walk away. Or flip the table, but first make sure the game is safely stored and that no one’s around to get hurt* ?

10. Win and lose well

Closely related to emotional regulation, it’s important to keep in mind that we all win some and lose some. Either way, if you win, keep the bragging light and if you lose, keep your chin up and chalk it up to experience. Tomorrow is another (game) day!

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*Disclaimer: Asmodee Canada in no way endorses (and in fact categorically frowns upon) uncivilized behaviour, such as eating greasy or sticky snacks while playing games, placing drinks on, or adjacent to the board, bending cards, losing pieces, and/or flipping tables.