A Full Harvest of New Products for October!

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What would the month of October be without a little mystery, chills and thrills? Mouah Mysterium Kids is just in time for Halloween, featuring a musical ghost! But rest assured, no one will run away from the game table! 🏃‍♀️

October also brings a new party game, a stunning line of puzzles, a long-awaited cowboy game, an urban planning mission in the Golden City, and two new editions from a line of games that need no introduction!

Fun Facts

Age: 8+ / Players: 4-8 / Duration: 15-30 minutes

From the creator of the popular party game Just One, Fun Facts invites you to imagine the answers your teammates will give to a common question. You must then try to rank everyone’s answers in ascending order. Fun Facts is a simple and fun party game for families and groups of friends that promises tons of laughter and hilarious anecdotes about the people you thought you knew, yourself included!

San Francisco

Age: 8+ / Players: 2-4 / Duration: 45-60 minutes

In San Francisco, you become an urban planner whose goal is to create the greatest redevelopment plan of the famous city in California. Design districts in each of the 5 types, racing against the other planners. Choose the right moment to take on new projects — but be careful, if you take on too many projects it’ll be harder to gain more. Earn more prestige by cleverly designing a system of cable car connections. Lay foundations and carefully design the nearby landscape, allowing you to build new skyscrapers. Create a new vision of San Francisco that will gain the most rewards and win through fame and recognition.

3000 Scoundrels

Age: 12+ / Players: 2-4 / Duration: 60-120 minutes

Yeehaw! 🤠

3000 Scoundrels is a game of bluffing and engine building in an alternate history Wild West. Using a novel system of clear cards, create unique scoundrels and use them to outsmart your foes. Assume the role of one of the rival leaders attempting to steal precious technology left behind by the Traveler. Hire scoundrels to build your posse, plan the perfect strategy, and bluff your way to victory!

Who will control the destiny of the American Frontier?

Dixit Puzzles

Age: 3+ / Players: 1+

A picture is worth a thousand…pieces?! 🧩

New products make their debut in the Dixit universe: the Dixit puzzle collection. This puzzle line is both a thank you to all lovers of Dixit, and a new way to experience this magical world. 🥰

Mysterium Kids – Captain Echo’s Treasure

Age: 6+ / Players: 2-6 / Duration: 15-30 minutes

Legend has it that there’s a fabulous treasure hiding somewhere inside the old mansion down the road, but to find it you’ll need the help of the resident ghost, Captain Echo. Mysterium Kids is a cooperative game, where players take turns playing Captain Echo, who communicates only through an enchanted tambourine. His goal is to help other players guess the right card among five choices. Will you guess the right sound?

Stay tuned for more spooky content during the month of October! 👻 PSST! There’s also a contest on the way! 😉

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