7 Wonders Edifice, a new expansion for 7 Wonders

7 Wonders Edifice brings an approachable gaming experience to the most-awarded game in the world.

In 7 Wonders Edifice, develop cities and build edifices together.

You have the choice: join your opponents and share glory and rewards, or go it alone and suffer the consequences. Choose wisely! The future of your city is in your hands.

7 Wonders Edifice is the newest expansion for 7 Wonders, but it’s also the simplest to set up and explain.

In 7 Wonders Edifice, players will set their differences aside and work together to build majestic Edificies. These projects are far too large and imposing to be completed by a single city.

Players will have the choice: participate in the project to gain benefits or go it alone and suffer the consequences.

7 Wonders – Edifice

3-7 Players
10+ Age
30-45 min Duration

These majestic edifices cannot be built by an isolated city.

Join opponents in these communal projects or ignore their construction and focus resources on personal glory. If players complete an Edifice, they earn rewards, while those who chose to work alone will miss out on end-of-age benefits.

Skills you'll use

  • Strategy

    Succeed through critical thinking… Think. Plan. Win!

3-7 Players
10+ Age
30-45 min Duration

7 Wonders Edifice will be available in-store as of February 24th.

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