We promise the Dice Aren’t Loaded! 🎲

Here's a selection of games that not only contain dice but in which dice are the star of the show! Time to roll!
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December 4 is Dice Day! Humankind’s oldest game components, these little cubes, or platonic solids that can be rolled, thrown, cast, tossed … harken back to somewhere between 2500 and 3000 BCE. Integral to many board games, the dice we use today come with anywhere between three and 120 (yes!) sides, and can be made of acrylic, resins, metals or even gemstones! In honour of Dice Day, happening on December 4, below you’ll find a selection of games that not only contain dice but in which dice are the star of the show! Time to roll!

Rory’s Story Cubes—Classic/Mystery/Heroes

Age: 6+ / Players: 1–12 / Duration: < 15 minutes

Once upon a time, there was a game where the imagination had no limits. Epic, fantastic, or paranormal adventures … just roll the cubes, interpret the symbols, and set your inspiration free as you create your own story! In the classic version, combine items, characters, places, and animals to share unique stories.

Rory’s Story Cubes — Mystery immerses you in a world of intrigue, strange phenomena, and inexplicable situations … awaken your inner investigator and create your own mysterious stories!

Imagine yourself as the star of a video game, with Rory’s Story Cubes — Heroes! Which character are you? What is your mission? Your power? Who are your allies and enemies? The dice will help you answer all these questions, so let’s get rolling!

Although Rory’s Story Cubes is primarily designed for children to develop their creativity and speech, the game can be played and enjoyed by people of all ages. And there are even more versions, adding variety and fantastic stories!

CATAN — The Dice Game

Age: 7+ / Players: 1–4 / Duration: 30–45 minutes

Discover, explore, and settle the Isle of Catan anywhere and anytime, with the perfectly portable version of the classic CATAN. An adventure experience, CATAN — The Dice Game is a great casual introduction to the world of CATAN. With six colorful, embossed wooden dice and a scoring map, you can roll and risk your way to victory. Get ready to roll!

Match 5

Age: 10+ / Players: 2–8 / Duration: 15–30 minutes

Make links and create connections, with Match 5, the game where players look for commonalities between two words, or groups of words. With only three minutes to find creative solutions for each of 10 dice combinations, the pressure is on, and the answers will be hilarious!

Trek 12

Age: 8+/Players: 1–50/Duration: 15–30 minutes

Journey through the Himalayas, with the progressive roll & write game for the whole family, Trek 12! Open routes to the summits, discover new paths and companions, but be careful on the most dangerous paths! ⚠Wits and courage are necessary to make the best choices, boost your reputation and, who knows, you might even become a legendary alpinist.

Want to try Trek 12 on your own? No problem! The game contains a single-player mode and a campaign mode!

Troyes Dice

Age: 12+ / Players: 1–10 / Duration: 30–45 minutes

Discover (or rediscover) one of the most remarkable medieval cities—Troyes. In this roll-and-write strategy dice game, take on the role of a wealthy family from Champagne. Seize the best opportunities and leave your mark on the city’s history! To earn victory points, you will fight against events, develop markets, and build cathedrals. At the end of the game, the player with the most victory points wins!

Zombicide—Gear Up

Age: 14+ / Players: 1–6 / Duration: 30–45 minutes

Zombicide—Gear Up is a cooperative flip-and-write game where 1 to 6 players take on the role of survivors fighting for their lives during the zombie apocalypse. The survivors are an elite of combatants that have taken to the streets overrun with the undead.

Dice games are definitely very popular and so much fun! This list is far from exhaustive, so visit a board game retailer near you to discover other great dice games, or to find the ones we’ve shown here!