12 Common Misconceptions About Board Games

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What comes to mind when you think about playing board games? Do they give you warm and fuzzy feelings about fun, laughter, and connecting with loved ones? Or does the idea of board games make you feel a little more apprehensive because you’ve heard that they’re difficult, or take too much time to play, or are costly…? Well, not to fear, because we’re here to reassure you that many modern board games really aren’t that scary. Check out the list below of some of the most common misconceptions about board games and watch us bust them 😉.

1. They are hard to play

Many modern board games have simple rules and can be learned very quickly. Don’t want to read the rules? Most of today’s popular games come with tutorial videos created by the publishers, or even by board game content creators! 

2. They’re time consuming

While it’s true that there are board and card games out there that can last for hours, or even days… 😨 many games can take as little as 15 minutes to play. So, if you’re pressed for time, check out all our quick game options here!

3. They’re all the same

This may have been true, say… 30 – 40 years ago, but today’s games are as varied as they are plentiful! These days you can find games to match your area(s) of interest, style, aesthetic… enjoy storytelling? There’s a game for you! Prefer abstract concepts? There’s a game for you! Enjoy mysteries? Party games? Escape rooms? Travel? Art? Yep… you guessed it!

4. They are boring

One person’s boring is another’s thrill! These days, there’s a game out there for everyone! Not sure what you’d like? Check out your local board game cafés to try before you buy! The staff is knowledgeable and can help you choose and learn from among tons of options.

5. They’re only fun if you’re winning

Honestly, no one likes to lose. But, just like mama said, it’s not about winning or losing 😉 But, seriously. Today’s games are engaging and interesting no matter where you place, and often, it’s not over until it’s over. Still not convinced? Then you might enjoy cooperative games, which offer collaborative play, so players win or lose together.

6. They’re too expensive

Many of today’s board games are reasonably priced, with many options for under $20. Most modern games also offer tons of replayability, so you can think of it as an investment in fun! If you’re still not ready to invest, try out some options at your local game café, or community center.

7. It’s hard to find people to play with

Finding and building a new community of any kind can be challenging. If you’d like to find people to play games with, but don’t know where to start, we recommend asking the staff at your local board game retailer or café. They’re knowledgeable and can likely offer suggestions of groups to join. Another option is to try Board Game Arena (BGA), the world’s largest online board game table, with a community of over 8 million users! Chances are, you may even find people in your area to play with.

8. Players often end up fighting

We know some great anger-management techniques 😉 Seriously though, if the idea of competition and/or subtle conflict isn’t your thing, there are many cooperative game options out there, so players work together. And while we can’t guarantee a 100% frustration-free experience, with a cooperative game, the only opponent you’ll have to worry about is the game itself.

9. There are too many options on the market. It’s overwhelming!

When first looking at board games, we agree, it can be overwhelming. BUT, that’s what we’re here for! Not sure what to choose? Check out our article on The 7 Essential Board Games, Perfect for Beginners. We’re convinced you’ll find something you’ll love!

10. The only good board games are the classics

We disagree. It’s not because a game has historically had a monopoly, that it’s the best option 😉 Today’s modern games have far more depth and offer more dynamic and interesting play than many options from yesteryear.

11. There aren’t any board games that are good for families of mixed ages

We beg to differ! While not all games are appropriate for all ages, there are many choices that provide hours of entertainment for the whole family! Check out for some great suggestions.

12. Only “geeks” enjoy board games

First of all, we’re proud “geeks”! Second, tabletop games are for all the cool kids. Ever played Werewolves? Bang? Bohnanza? Klask? Codenames? We promise, no matter where you sat in high school, there’s a game for you 😉.

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