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Nominated for word of the year in 2016, hygge (pronounced “hoo-guh”) is Danish for “a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment and wellbeing.” * Given everything that’s happened since then, we could all use a little hygge these days.

Hygge embodies two seemingly paradoxical qualities that are essential to our happiness and good health. 1) It beckons us to unplug our screens and disconnect from our everyday trials and tribulations. 2) It invites us to connect with loved ones, cherish the moment, and stay grounded. To quote Louisa Thomsen**, hygge is, in true Danish fashion, “a practical way of creating sanctuary in the middle of very real life.”

So, light up the fireplace or candles, pour the mocha lattes or mulled wine, dim the lights and then cozy up and chill playing these specially curated Hygge games for 2. Some are competitive, others collaborative. All are good fun!


Ages: 10+ / Players: 2 / Playing Time: 30–45 minutes

Fast paced and easy to learn, Jaipur transports you to the court of the Maharajah where you must devise strategies, take risks and pray for luck as you race to sell more merchandise faster and at a higher profit than your competitor!

Tea for 2

Ages: 10+ / Players: 2 / Playing Time: 30–45 minutes

Mixing zany battles with prudent deck building, Tea for 2 challenges you to buy your cards sensibly and use them wisely while bending time, eating strawberry pies and keeping an eye on that pesky flamingo. Any questions? Ask Alice.

7 Wonders – Duel

Ages: 10+ / Players: 2 / Playing Time: 30–45 minutes

7 Wonders – Duel pits two players in a contest to build the dominant civilization over three distinct periods. There are but three ways to win, and countless ways to lose. Now, just how just clever, judicious and devious are you?

Rivals for CATAN

Ages: 10+ / Players: 2 / Playing Time: 30–45 minutes

Rivals for CATAN challenges you to lead your faction and become the Prince of Catan. Winning demands outthinking, outwitting and outplaying your opponent, as you both explore and settle this brave new land. Test your interactive skills and strategic moves as you discover new lands, build great cities, recruit heroes and keep your opponent at bay using politics, invention and intrigue!


Ages: 8+ / Players: 2 / Playing Time: 30–45 minutes

In this award-winning abstract game, you and your partner use buttons to purchase the Tetris-like tiles that make up your beautiful Patchwork quilt. Shop wisely, as the buttons also count as victory points!


Ages: 18+ / Players: 2–6 / Playing Time: 15 minutes

Combining memory, sensory and cognition challenges, CorteXXX is a fun and sexy adult game that tests your awareness, recall, coordination and speed. Prepare to stimulate your brain and more! Perfect for couples to warm up and get cozy on a cold, winter’s night.

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* The Year of Hygge, The Danish Obsession With Getting Cozy par Ann Altman, publié dans The New Yorker le 18 décembre 2016.
** The Book of Hygge: The Danish Art of Contentment, Comfort & Connection par Louisa Thomsen, 2017.