Start the Year off on the Right Foot!

On behalf of the entire Asmodee Canada team, Happy New Year! πŸŽ‰
And what could be better than a good dose of new games to start the year and help you through the cold January weather? In this first month of 2022, Asmodee presents several new titles for all tastes: for the young and the young-at-heart, for beginners and for the more experienced, or for fans of light games as well as for those of more complex games, there is something for everyone.

Chess – Folding version et Chess and Checkers – Folding version

Ages: 6+ / Palyers: 2 (2-4 for Chess and Checkers)

Why not come back to the classics, with this beautiful Chess and Checkers game that includes a wooden board and wooden pieces. The underside of the pieces is covered with velvet for a pleasant play sensation. Pieces can be stocked in the folding board for easy and safe transport.

Chess – Folding Version and Chess and Checkers – Folding Version will be available in stores this January.

Camel Up – Off Season

Ages: 8+ / Players: 3-5 / Play Time: 30-45 minutes

The crazy camel racing season has come to a close, but these racers are busy assisting merchants during their off season. In Camel Up Off Season, players take on the roles of merchants seeking to make a fortune, travelling to various markets and purchasing valuable goods. If they get too greedy, they may overwhelm the camels transporting these goods. With some smart planning and a little luck, they will earn wealth and prosperity!

Camel Up – Off Season will be available in stores as of January 14.

Equinox – Golem

Ages: 8+ / Players: 2-5 / Play Time: 45-60 minutes

Gather to observe amazing golems as they compete with one another during the equinox exhibition! Plan wisely and bid your prophecy crystals to win prestige points! In this exciting game of magic and wagers, players try to manipulate the outcome of the golems’ exhibition in their favour. Only the best performances will win the love of the crowd and only the best players will win!

Equinox – Golem will be available in store as of January 14.