Happy Fathers Play!

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Did you know that across the globe, Father’s Day is celebrated on 52 different dates? Yep! Dads really are that special.

This Father’s Day, whether you treat Dad to brunch or dinner, take him to a movie, or shower him with cards and gifts, remember that fun, laughter and lasting memories are the best gifts of all. And nothing delivers on all three quite like good old-fashioned playtime. Take these games. Some are best played outdoors. Others are equally at home indoors. But they’re all sure to bring everyone closer together. Happy Father’s Day!


Ages: 10+ / Players: 2 / Duration: <15 minutes

Forget table football and hockey! Klask is the hot new game that combines all the skills, tactics and speed of large tabletop sports games in a tidy, compact, super portable format. Game on!


Ages: 10+ / Players: 3–4 / Duration: 60–120 minutes

How many times has Dad ever told you to “act civilized”? Well, CATAN lets you demonstrate your skills, as you compete to acquire resources and build rival civilizations. Ready? Set? Civilize!

Carcassonne – Hunters and Gatherers

Ages: 8+ / Players: 2–5 / Duration: 30–45 minutes

Carcassonne Hunters and Gatherers takes you back to the Stone Age, where you must all learn to feed your tribe. Out hunt, out gather and out fish your opponents and you might just win!

Take Dad Out to Play!

Spending Father’s Day outdoors this year? These backyard games provide hours of fun for Dad, and the whole family!

Giant Yard Dice

Ages: 5+ / Players: 2 / Duration: 15–45 minutes

Who hasn’t been told, “If you want to play, go play outside?” Well, these Giant Yard Dice can be safely used indoors or out and come with a handy travel case and both Yardzee and Yard Farkle laminated score sheets.

Putter Pong

Ages: 8+ / Players: 2–4/ Duration: 20–30 minutes

Play just one game, and you’ll be hooked. Or was that a slice? Combining putting with skee ball, Putter Pong challenges players to putt, putt, putt their ball up the ramp and into one of the holes to win. Fore!

Ring Toss

Ages: 4+ / Players: 2+ / Duration: 15–30 minutes

A timeless classic, this handsome, portable, wood and rope Ring Toss set is super fun to play on most indoor and outdoor surfaces. The first player to reach 100 wins! That’s points, my friend, not years.

Bottle Disc Toss

Ages: 8+ / Players: 2 / Duration: 30-60 minutes

Bottle Disc Toss provides hours of outdoor fun. This portable set includes yard stakes, pavement supports, targets, bottles, a Soft Touch flying ring and instructions. What more could you possibly want?

Large Connect 4

Ages: 8+ / Players: 2 / Duration: 15-30mins

Some tabletop games deserve to be blown up. Kaboom! Introducing Giant 4 In a Row! Measuring a whopping 31 × 23 inches, it’s the perfect picker upper at barbecues, tailgate parties, family gatherings. Wherever!


Ages: 8+ / Players: 4 / Duration: 30-90mins

Bocce has been keeping friends, families and lifelong rivals entertained forever. This set comes with everything four players need to play to their hearts’ content, most notably a game-deciding, argument-settling measuring tape.

Find these great games for Dad at a retail store near you!